Faculty and Students oppose the EAA

EMU College of Education Faculty and students attending EMU's Board of Regents meeting 12/10/13

Fight Right to Work!

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Protecting Academic Freedom

As a member of the American Association of University Professors and a member of the Collective Bargaining Congress, the EMU-AAUP chapter strives to protect the faculty’s right to academic freedom and ensure faculty governance exists and is upheld at Eastern Michigan University.

Faculty Serving Faculty

The EMU-AAUP is the bargaining agent for the full time tenure track faculty of Eastern Michigan University. Since 1974, the EMU-AAUP has had a rich history of negotiating union contracts for the EMU faculty. We have negotiated 15 contracts during our history. This website details many of our financial analysis on faculty compensation and health care costs.
Nov 07 2014

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Oct 13 2014

Is there a way to reduce costs and preserve appropriate student-faculty ratios?

It’s hard to raise much excitement over a chart, but a recent one that breaks down how colleges can reduce the number of sections they teach and reduce faculty time while educating the same number of students might be getting there. But not all the excitement is positive. 

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Sep 23 2014

 By Lisa Minnick, President, WMU-AAUP

I have written about higher education and about labor rights, mostly in the context of the abysmal state of affairs when it comes to the political climate here in Michigan. I write from the perspective of university professor, president of our faculty union, and engaged citizen. And usually I write about things that happen to other people. But today, I have a story to tell about something that happened at my university, something that helped to clarify some things for me in a new way, about cultural problems on my campus and in our society more widely.

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Sep 23 2014

Eastern Echo

By Nora Naughton

Eastern Michigan University’s Board of Regents held a special meeting today to hear some faculty members’ complaints about the university’s involvement in the Education Achievement Authority. Board members said they will carefully review the agreement, as an opportunity to opt out will come in December. 

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